Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Friday, the Mister World 2012 contestants faced one of the hardest challenge in the entire competition - extreme challenge. As the name suggested, only the ones with endurance, strength and determination could make it until the very end. During the challenge, the contestants were split into 3 teams and received a mission brief from the assault course commander, a serving member of the British Military and assault course specialist. In the end only 15 contestant who will go through into the final round, and they are ...

Posing in the mud :)

Top 15 Extreme Challenge Semifinalists
Costa Rica
Macau China
Puerto Rico

Sliding through the muddy tunnel

Red Group

For the preliminary round, their first challenge was the sprint course. With only the top 5 from each team able to qualify for the main event, it was every man for himself, and no holding back. taking it on one group at a time, the course involved climbing the hay bale wall, volting the high fences, crawling the tunnel network, leaping across the chasm, hurdling the barrels and finally scrambling through the pen full of tubing, in which Macau China sets the best time record. The teams also faced it a second time, but working together as a team, with the stronger contestants helping the rest of the team finish as quick as possibly, hauling them up the banks and across the walls, with words of encouragement.

Running over the hills

Green Group

 With the final 15 selected, it was time for them to take on the big challenge; the wayer course. With tougher conditions, more challenging obstacles, and only the very best in the running, the atmosphere was buzzing, as the contestants took to the starting line. Split into two sections, the first section included a headlong charge along an icy cold and mud filled river, with bridges to duck under, steep banks to climb up and down, tire-walls to traverse, and tunnels to crawl through. A steep net wall marked the end of the section, with a fireman's pole to slide down to stop the clock. Croatia won this part of competition.

Swinging over muddy swamp

Blue Group

The final section of the main event started with a rope swing over a deep pit filled with more icy cold water. the contestants then had to traverse balancing beams, crawl through the slime below the barbed wire nets, through the tunnel networks, and over the highwall to finish the challenge.In the end, it was Colombia who made the finish first for this final round.

 Climbing the obstacles

Net rope obstacle course

Who will make it as the Extreme challenge champion this year? Stay tuned!

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