Saturday, October 20, 2012

One of the major secret in winning a pageant is perhaps an ability to consistently perform well throughout the duration of the contest. After 3 weeks of competition, people eventually start to see which Miss International 2012 contestants continue to shine and which ones lose their sparks. While this is not the only indicator to see if one contestant would go far, it is undoubtedly an important clue to make a prediction, and that is the basic behind this Final Leaderboard. With only hours before the Grand Final, we try to find the girls who have consistently stole the scene these past 3 weeks and the top girls based on our choice are ...

The Leaderboard
1. Colombia
2. Poland
3. Thailand
4. India
5. Paraguay
6. Dominican Republic
7. Philippines
8. Spain
9. United Kingdom
10. Sri Lanka
11. Brazil
12. Indonesia
13. Guam
14. Japan
15. Myanmar

In the end, we keep our choice from the previous Leaderboard Colombia on the top spot. She is what Miss International judges historically look for, an exotic Latina with a sweet angelic face and sexy body. Also falls in this "sweet and sexy Latina" classification is Dominican Republic, However Melissa Varon won our heart over due to her softer and sweeter facial feature compared to Melody Mir somewhat harsher feature.

Another major threat for the crown is Poland, a major blonde bombshell, whom historically also loved by Miss International judges. Team Asia also performs very strong this year, and we expect at least an Asian beauty, either Thailand or India, to be in the Top 3 this year. Brazil, the Runner Up of the first Leaderboard, drops just outside the Top 10 this time due to our her body which is not in shape, at least  pageant-wise. The only reason we still keep Rafaela Butarelli in the list is because we consider her as one of the most beautiful face this year.

The list also includes several countries which are normally ignored and regarded as cellar-dwellers in pageant. Sri Lanka is the best dark-skinned girl this year, and seeing how poorly girls with ebony complexion perform at Miss International, she could be the only and token "black" girl for this year semifinalist. Guam has surprised us a lot this year. After their beautiful delegate at Miss World, this island country once again sends a worthy contestant to Miss International. Hopefully this time they will not be ignored again. Finally we also have Myanmar, a long lost country in pageant stratosphere which makes a return with major upset.

So that is all for our final choice. How about yourself ... do you agree with our choice?

Thanks to Fadly Ulum for the amazing banner!

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